Read what other families have to say about us!

"Giving birth at home was the best! So relaxing and stress free compared to the hospital. Didnt have to worry about being given or talked into anything I didnt want for me or my baby. I wish I would have had a home birth with my other kids."
-Heather Culver

"The tender, loving care I received during both of my pregnancies was amazing! It was calm & private & I still tell everyone I know what an amazing experience it was. Thank you Kasie McElhaney! You are the best!"
-Alicia Derington

"I was unable to have the home birth that we planned but the prenatal care and care I received in labor were priceless to my husband and I. Kasie made us both feel comfortable, at ease, and like we could decide what was best for us (while still giving professional, responsible, much needed/appreciated guidance along the way). My experience with her was just invaluable. I would recommend her to anyone!!"
-Kaycie Rogers

"My home birth with Kasie was a wonderful experience! SO empowering! And the early post-partum period was so pleasant and peaceful! Nobody waking me up, bothering me or baby. Just me and baby cozy in our own bed with home-cooked food." 
-Annelise Blank

"My homebirth was a day that I will treasure was a day that I felt like I could do and accomplish anything. Having a homebirth is very empowering and knowing and trusting in those who support you makes all the difference. My son will be three on Valentine's Day, and although we have yet to be blessed with another baby, should the Lord see fit to bless us with another, we will undoubtedly, go to Kasie McElhaney!"
-Jaclyn Trafton

"I can't even make comparisons between my first delivery in the hospital and my second at home with Kasie! We birthed our second in a pool in our bedroom! Kasie was amazing and made me so comfortable and confident in my body's abilities. Being asleep in our own bed within about an hour after giving birth was amazing! Best experience EVER! We can never thank you enough, Kasie!"
-Linsay Auerbach

"Birthing at home with my sweet husband and Kasie by my side was the most amazing experience. From the day that we met Kasie it was amazing. I could call or text her with any concerns and she always put my mind at ease. People would try to tell me that giving birth was scary but honestly it was so empowering and even fun. Kasie was right by my side all along, I was confident that I had a wonderful midwife with me. I was able to walk around, sit, kneel, lay down. The best part was when my husband caught our sweet baby (under Kasie's supervision) and we were able to hold him, kiss him and even sing happy birthday to him. I wouldn't trade my homebirth for anything!!"
-Cynthia Rodas

"Our home birth was with our forth child, there were so many things abut it that was amazing. The prenatal care was great, dealt with kidney problems, vericose veins. Each visit we could take as much time as needed! The actual day, with No IV's, annoying nurses, gross gowns and feeling like having an epideral was your only option. I had no pain meds with my little Silas, labored with my husband until I was eight cms then got into the water, 45 minutes later he was born!!! Being able to wear whatever was great!! Kasie McElhaney was amazing and even now three months later while dealing with kidney stones she has been there with encouraging words. Thanks can't wait till God blesses us with another one!"
-Beverly Weiss