​Midwife in Dallas and Wylie

The Bump Midwifery in Dallas- Services

Standard Appointments-
* Our first appointment can be as early as 8-12 weeks
* We will see you once a month until your 30-32nd week
* At this point we will move to every 2 weeks until your 36th    week
* And once a week until birth

Standard lab work-
* We will draw blood within the first few visits to test for      HIV, hepatitis B, syphilis, iron levels, antibodies for Rh-        women, along with a few other standard labs.
* For Rh- women we provide regular antibody screens and  rho-GAM if necessary.
* Toward the end of pregnancy I provide an optional group B  strep culture, and test again for HIV, hepatitis B, and  syphilis.

***Optional genetic screening at additional cost***

Non-routine lab work will be provided upon your specific needs if necessary.


*VBAC clients are accepted, under the right circumstances*

If home water birth is desired, we will provide-
* Pool
* Air pump (for pool)
* Water hose to fill and drain pool
* Shower head connector (standard size only) for hose to fill pool
* Sump pump to drain pool
* Disposable liner 
****for a fee of $200****

If Dallas Birth Center birth is desired you will have access to-
* A pool
* Luxurious environment
* No mess or clean up in your home!
****For no additional charge****

Standard labor and delivery-
* we will work with you to prevent tearing, in most cases I  am successful, however in the event you do require sutures  it will be provided to you.
* Once baby is born we normally allow the umbilical cord to  pulse until it shuts down on its own before cutting it, unless  otherwise desired.
* Once the cord is cut, mother and child are allowed some  time to nurse and bond.

Standard hours following birth-
* You and your baby will be offered a healing, herbal after-  birth bath.
* Baby will be provided a newborn assessment to ensure  that everything is in proper condition, as well as length and  weight.
* We will work with you and baby on proper nursing if necessary.

Standard follow-up appointments-
* 2 days following birth we will come to your home to check  on mother and baby and provide the first newborn  screening.
* 2 weeks following birth we will meet again for a check up  and the second newborn screening.
* 6 weeks following birth we will meet for our final  appointment where we will check maternal healing, provide  an optional pap-smear, and record our last assessment of  mom and baby.

All information above is based on normal, uncomplicated, pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum period.  These things may vary according to the specific needs of mother and child